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RUBI Polishing Backing Plate - 100mm (62986)

RUBI Polishing Backing Plate - 100mm (62986) Learn More

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RUBI Polishing Backing Plate - 100mm (62986) DESCRIPTION: Within the range of polishing discs for natural stones, RUBI has a semi-flexible support, specially indicated to guarantee the fixation of all the polishing discs of the range. Threaded 5/8 "directly coupled to a grinder or a polisher electroportátil. polishing discs are fixed to the support by VELCRO. The support provides a firm and secure the entire surface of the polishing pad attachment. The body The semi-flexible RUBI polishing disc holder allows it to adapt to the irregular contours of surfaces to be polished, which makes the RUBI polishing disc holder ideal for general polishing of natural stones. The support for RUBI polishing discs can perform polishing work with grinder and electroportable polisher, both wet and dry. The beveled edges of the polishing disc holder offer greater comfort during polishing work, a perfect adaptation to the contours of the different surfaces to be worked, and the possibility of making curves without losing firmness on flat surfaces. The RUBI polishing disc holder works at a maximum speed of 5,000 rpm At RUBI we have always had a very close relationship with ceramic tile setters and it is vital for us to have a fluid and constant communication path with them. That is why we have all the necessary tools to offer the sector professional an innovative product capable of providing solutions to their daily needs during work. RUBI is committed to quality. All our products and tools are subjected to rigorous quality exams by experienced professionals. We want all the products we have in the market to be recognized for their quality and durability. This desire has made our brand one of the most valued when it comes to providing quality solutions to the professional of laying ceramic tile and construction.

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